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elliot house inn exterior aerial view of the town at sunset bed with light shining in the windows behind it Hotel exterior elliott house inn video 1 white rocking chairs outside closeup view of fireplace and smores plate Elliot house sign on wall bed with pillows and door and chair in background sitting area drink glasses courtyard table bed with pillows and light shining in windows from behind elliot house fireplace with two wine cups charleston street view courtyard table and gate entry aerial view of charleston bathroom sink with soap and toiletries and flowers Front doors open into the lobby with fireplace closeup image of bed with pillows and nightstand in front of window furniture decoration elliott house inn video2 bed with lamp and sitting area in the background nightstand next to bed with the lamp on and reading glasses rod iron fence with vines fireplace in courtyard bed with lamp on the nightstand cheese plate, wine, and crackers buildings over trees side street alley horse pulling a carriage in the street bed made with two chairs and table in front of window with light shining in flowers on windowsills on an orange building