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Meet The Elliott House Inn’s Guru of History

Neal Cook began his career at The Elliott House Inn in August 2007, while working part-time for a local tour company, giving nightly ghost tours. Soon after completion of his undergraduate studies at the College of Charleston, Cook was offered the opportunity to pursue historic tours and research development for new tours, all while balancing his time at the property.

Neal’s passion for history is rooted in his kin, some of whom still live on farm land owned by his family since the 1700s. The stories of Neal’s relative, Congressmen Simeon Corley, has spiked inspiration throughout Neal’s life to pursue his goals to the fullest. Cook’s relative, was a South Carolina “scalawag” who supported reunification after Civil War. When South Carolina threatened secession in the 1850s, there was an open movement to expel him from the state, because of his progressive beliefs. He was one for the few newspaper writers in the South that openly opposed the secessionist movement. He did not fear persecution, he only sought to move South Carolina in a new more thoughtful direction.

A graduate of the College with a Bachelor of Arts in History in 2007, Cook is currently pursuing his Masters of Science degree in Travel & Tourism management through Clemson University, focused on traveler trends and motivations to visit historic sites. Cook and his wife Amanda live in Charleston and are proud parents of their nine month old son, Beauregard Thomas Cook.

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“It would be my pleasure to give you my perspective of Charleston’s unique and diverse past. The stories that have been shared by my family for countless generations are truly what inspire me. Charleston is the greatest place in the world, and I am fortunate to be able to share so much of its’ great and glorious past with you.”

All tours must be booked scheduled at least 24 hours in advance. Tours last approximately 2 hrs. Beginning and ending at the Elliott House Inn, tours will be available as listed below:

10AM to 12PM

3:05PM to 5:00PM

3:05PM to 5:00PM